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Obedience with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi can sometimes by very entertaining! Being a part of the Herding Group, they are highly intelligent and can be prone to sometimes conducting the exercises in a more creative manner than the judge intended.  However, they are very capable of attaining high scores in all three levels of obedience.

Obedience titles are:

  • NOC National Obedience Champion
  • OTCH Obedience Trial Champion

Upcoming Classes at Blue Springs 'n Katydid! 

katydid dog training

  • Confirmation Drop In Class Tuesday 7:45-8:45 PM 
  • Open & Utility  Obedience D/I Class Tuesday, 8:45-10:15 PM   
    • Suggested for students to attend this class before going to a higher level APC Drop-In class.
  • Free Style course; Beginning level Oct. 28, 06.
  • 5 Week Beginner's short course; Oct. 28, 06

November 2, 2006

THURSDAY Schedule changes; Beginners Course 5:45PM

Rally Drop-In Class 7:00 PM  Agility Advanced 8:00 PM

• Courses starting soon!               

  • Puppy Kindergarten  Nov. 1-06; 11-6; 11-8; 11-11;
  • Junior Beginners  Nov. 2-06; 11-6; 11-21;12-2-06:
  • Beginners  Mornings; Oct. 23; Nov. 1; Dec. 15-06:
  • Evenings; Nov. 2; 5:45PM
  • Beginning Agility 11-11-06:
  • Intermediate Agility 11-6-06:


AKC obedience page

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"I'm a little Corgi short and stout,
I'm a very good dog there is no doubt
Go outs, gloves and heeling
I can make my owner smile.
Watch us when I get my High in Trail"

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