This is Rudy's puppy graduation picture with Gary. Rudy is 20 weeks old. Below is a picture of Rudy and I taken two weeks ago and Rudy is 20 months. The picture below is the one I sent to Delta Society for Rudy and my identification as a pet partner team.  

Rudy and I passed our evaluation the beginning of this month to register with Delta Society. We will start visiting at Good Samaritan Hospital in December. On this day of thanksgiving for all God has done in our lives and this great nation Gary and I want to thank you and all those who help with Pembroke Welch Corgi Resue. You have brightened our lives first with Aspen and now with Rudy. Rudy and I hope to give back some of your caring by bringing a smile to those who are ill and their families.

Rudy is a beautiful little boy. Actually not so little he weighed in at 32 pounds at the vets this month. The vet said he was a good weight. He is long and has nice confirmation except his rear end. He kinda walks like John Elway in the back. He is a very happy boy and he and Shorty our basset are best of buddies. Rudy is in charge but Shorty doesn't care. We see his sister every couple of months. She is happy as well. Her name is Eskimo and John, Deb and Seth take good care of her.
Thanks again for all you do. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

​Carol and Gary
Rudy and Shorty


A Corgi Puppy Adoption