All seems to be going well with Kramer. He's learned a lot in 48 hours..............mostly that I am the alpha dog. He is very sweet and both of us are already smitten with him.

I think he is used to eating table food! He hangs around I when I am in the kitchen. Very interested in the refrigerator. He really has not eaten in the two days he's been with us. Yesterday he vomited some bile liquid. He is drinking. He's had a couple of bowel movements and is urinating but not that often. He has ample opportunity outside, but only peed 3 times today. His mucus membrane is moist, but obviously I'm concerned about how long this can or should go on? As alpha dog, I can wait longer than he can for him to eat. Any advice along these lines?

The gentle leader is like a tranquilizer! He's not fond of it, but I've had him in it for a short time on three or four occasions. He simply does not pull on a leash when he wears it. I'm very impressed. He has also learned not to bolt out the doors. Without the leader he will stay while I go out he door. He also is coming to me when I call him. He loves the praise.

He knows about the crate, but won't go in it if I am close enough to close the door. I am letting that be for now. When and if he ever gets hungry, I thought I would feed him in the kennel and start with closing the door for short periods of time when he can still see me.........letting him out only when he is quiet.

He has a vet appointment on Friday for a microchip. I start an obedience class with Julie next Wednesday.

He is a very nice dog. He needs to get some better manners, but is showing all the signs of being very workable. We can't believe that anyone would relinquish such a nice dog. In this case, their loss is most definitely our gain. We're thrilled.