Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Corgis like Potato Chips?​​​
Because you can't have just one. It's true- Corgis are an addiction once one of these
​ little love muffins has stolen your heart you'll just want more.

Can a Corgi Swim?
Yes! Some Corgis like water better than others so if your Corgi doesn't love the water please don't force them. Some Corgis will just jump right in and paddle. Remember life jacket rules also apply to your Corgi.

My Corgi is too fat what do I do?
Just because you have a dwarf dog doesn't mean they've got a dwarf appetite. Far from it, Corgis have insatiable appetites. First make sure you're not overfeeding your Corgi (check the bag of dog food for recommended daily amounts for certain weights 24-30 lbs is normally one cup of kibble a day). If your Corgi still needs slimming then substitute green beans for half the amount of food.

My Corgi is too skinny what do I do?
Take them to the Vet. Corgis without appetites are probably ill.

Do famous people have Corgis?
Queen Elizabeth II of England is well known for her Corgis as was the Queen Mother. Some other celebrity Corgi owners are Dirk Bogarde, Ava Gardner, Stephen King (featuring Daisy the Corgi who can count in "The Regulators"), Mickey Rooney, Rita Mae Brown(Sneaky Pie Mystery series- sure the cat thinks she's the star- but Corgi knows better), Tasha Tudor (Corgiville Series) and Ein the data dog of Cowboy Bebop. For more fun books with Corgi stars try "Titus Rules OK" by Dick King-Smith, "Korgi" by Christian Slade and "Dogzilla" by Dav Pilkey (Dogzilla is a Cardigan not a Pembroke but that's okay too). Then there's the mascot of the The Welsh Guards "Rats".

What's a "Fluffy"?
More Hair, no seriously- lots more hair. Same sweet personality but a long haired coat. See?

What's "Frapping"?
Frequent Random Acts of Play (which doesn't even begin to describe the thunder of Corgi paws racing in up and down the house ending in a slide for life across the linoleum).

What's the "Flying Frog"?
AKA "flying squirrel" Corgis like to sleep with their hind legs splayed out in back of them.

Why do Corgis sleep on their backs?
No idea, but they like to. Tell your vet not to become alarmed when they see a dog lying on their back with all four paws in the air.

What's the difference between a Cardigan and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?
The easy quick answer is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the one without the tail. Here's the 
long answer.

Are Corgis good guard dogs?
No, but they're great watch dogs.

Are Corgis good with children?
Corgis and kids go together like butter and popcorn. If there is one thing which Corgis really excel at it is taking care of kids. To begin with children tend to drop food behind them which is a sure way to get a life long Corgi pal. Chances are pretty good that your Corgi will keep the kids in the yard, make sure they're down for their nap and lick their faces clean. Of course you should always supervise small children with all dogs and all dogs are different.

Can Corgis climb stairs?
Are you kidding? A normal healthy Corgi will fly up stairs- especially if there's something worthwhile at the top.

What do all those letters before and after a Corgi's name mean?
Titles before the dogs AKC registered name are:

CH means a Champion of the breed (looks like they are supposed to look)
CT Champion Tracker
DC Dual Champion (CH & FC)
HC Herding Champion

MACH Master Agility Champion
OTCH Obedience Trial Champion
TC Triple Champion (CH, FC & OTCH)

AKC registered name which normally includes the kennel name of the breeder.

Titles after a dog's registered AKC name are:

AX Agility Excellent
CD is the beginning title of obedience work, Companion Dog.

CDX Companion Dog Excellent
HI Herding Intermediate
HS Herding Started
HT Herding Tested
HX stands for Herding Excellent, A course (small arena), for sheep and ducks.
MX Master Agility
NA Novice Agility
NAJ are Agility titles, Novice Agility and Novice Agility Jumpers, which are both beginning titles.
NOC National Obedience Champion
RN stands for Rally Novice, a very fun sport that is like a cross between obedience and agility.
OA Open Agility
TDInc. is a registration with Therapy Dogs Incorporated, a therapy dog can go to schools, hospitals, and nursing homes, “Sharing Smiles and Joy.” You can find out more about therapy work at
TD Tracking Dog
TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
VCX means Versatile Corgi Excellent, an award offered by the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America.
VST Variable Surface Tracker

Are there any medical conditions specific to PWCs?
Excellent question! A healthy Corgi from a reputable breeder is your best insurance for a long lived happy Corgi family member.
Obesity-This can be a real problem so your first job as a responsible owner is to keep your Corgi slim and trim.
Hip Dysplasia-malformation of the hip joints make sure your PWC puppy is certified by OFA or Penn Hip to be free of Hip Dysplasia. Obesity or injury can also lead to hip degeneration in your PWC
Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) - one of the most common eye disorders in PWC's onset typically at 2 years of age and will lead to blindness. Ask for CERF certification and proof for both parents from your breeder.
Degenerative Disc Disease- PWC's can be prone to this a reputable breeder will never breed a dog with spinal problems.
Degenerative Myelopathy- Rare in PWC's it's a progressive degeneration of the spinal chord normally with an onset in middle age

What tests should a reputable breeder have done to assure healthy puppies and healthy parents?
Before you select a puppy from a breeder, you should make certain that both parents are tested for certain genetic disorders.  One of these is VWD -- Von Willebrand's Disease, which is a hereditary coagulation bleeding disorder.  An eye test for clear eyes can be performed by an Opthalmic Veterinarian and then can be registered with the Cerf {the Canine Eye Registry Foundation; and the OFA test for elbows (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) - rated fair, good or excellent for hip dysplasia (  Please see for further information on all of these diseases.