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Corgi Tracking Dogs
tracking test in October 21, 2007


2013 Tracking Premium download

corgi tracking dog

One would not look at a Corgi and think “tracking dog”.  However, that couldn’t be further from the truth!  Our short little dogs are independent thinkers and, thus make wonderful tracking dogs.  Tracking requires the dog to work at least 20 feet away from the handler and many times up to 40 feet away.  Many of our PWCCR members have achieved the highest level in tracking, “Champion Tracker” (having completed the TD – Tracking Dog; TDX – Tracking Dog Excellent, and VST – Variable Surface Tracker).

 tracking dog

PWCCR sponsors a combination tracking test in October
each year, at Chatfield State Park.

Two passing dogs at the combined tracking test 10-15-06 put on by PWCCR.

tracking dog cocker spaniel

Cocker spaniel, track #2
Ch.Mardi Gras Snowbird,breeder/owner; Rosemary Logrie:

tracking dog corgi

Track # 1
Katydid The Kaptain's Fame;
Breeder; Carole-Joy Evert; Owner, Caitlin & Burton Pendleton, Albuquerque, NM handled/trained by Burton

photos; CJ Evert




2013 Tracking Premium download


You also can help the PWCCR with the purchase of
a shirt, hat, bag or other merchandise 

corgi t-shirt

"I'm a little Corgi short and stout,
I'm the best little tracker there is no doubt
when the tracks are laid and the glove is on the ground
They put my harness on and I start to sniff the ground.


2013 PWCCR Tracking Premium.

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