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Do you like wild exciting, barking, chasing dog events?  If so, Flyball is for you!  It is a team sport with 4 dogs.  The dogs race down a course consisting of an official starting line, 4 hurdles and a flyball box.  Each dog races down the course and steps on a spring loaded box that shoots out a tennis ball.  Once the dog has the tennis ball, he then turns and races back down the course, across the hurdles and over the finish line.  The team having all 4 dogs run without errors wins the heat.  Generally there are heats so the dogs get to run several times. 


You ask, where does a Corgi come into this?  Well, the height of the hurdles is dependent on the height of the dogs on the team.  So, most teams want a small dog to have the lowest hurdles (8 inches is the minimum).  Corgis love to race across the hurdles, barking wildly and ‘catch’ the flyball.  So if you have a tennis ball loving Corgi, this might be the sport for you!


For more information on flyball click here


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