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Photo Carol Coffey

Conformation is concerned with proper breeding to the standard and most particularly for good temperament.  Our Pembroke Welsh Corgis are very well represented in the conformation ring and on various conformation shows on TV.  There are several reputable, well-known breeders in the Club who are conscientious about breeding.

corgi specialty

Photo Carol Coffey

PWCCR sponsors a Conformation Specialty
with a Sweepstakes every year in August.

PWCCR specialty

Photo Carol Coffey

specialty sweepstakes

Photo Carol Coffey

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Some Dog Show terminology:

  • BIS Best in Show
  • BOB Best of Breed
  • BOG Best of Group
  • CH Champion
  • CCH Bench Show Champion
  • CGC Grand Champion
  • CSG Supreme Grand Champion
  • CWSG World Show Champion Grand Champion
  • DC Dual Champion
  • TC Triple Champion

The PWCCR holds a Pembroke Welsh Corgi Specialty once a year

Premium 2016 Specialty pdf download



AKC PWCCA standard

You also can help the PWCCR with the purchase of
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"I'm a little Corgi short and stout,
I'm a total showoff there is no doubt
Put me in th Group ring & I say
Hey you big dogs -get outta my way!"

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