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AKC Canine Good Citizens Test (CGC)


One of the requirements of being an AKC registered dog club is social responsibility.  PWCCR takes this very seriously and offers a CGC at least once a year open to the public.  It is a certification program that tests dogs and their owners to show off their good manners to a tester.  The purpose of the test is for owners to have basic obedience and manners for their dogs so that when they are in public, they are well behaved, model citizens. 


PWCCR holds their CGC test yearly, usually in March.  The Club has 5 members who are AKC – certified testers.  Many of the testers also offer their services to other dog clubs for their CGCs.  If you haven’t gotten a CGC on your Corgi, you should consider coming to PWCCR’s next CGC test.


CGC-Med Clinic 2012

Sunday, March 18th at
Blue Springs n Katydid Training Center,
2980 W. Oxford Ave., Sheridan, CO 80110; 303-781-9027


CGC corgi
The Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club in coordination with The Greater Denver Area Cocker Spaniel Club
 (monies going to Corgi Rescue) is sponsoring:

  • Canine Good Citizens Test (from 10:00 – 2:00)
    • 10:00 – 2:00         -     $8.00/dog
    • Bring proof of Rabies Inoculation/ID Number


  • Eye Clinic (from 10:00 - 3:00)
    • Dr. Julie Gionfriddo, Assoc. Prof. Ophthalmology at CSU
    • Call Pat 303-741-0466 for appointments
  • Optigen Eye Clinic – for PRA (from 10:00 - 3:00)
    • Dr. Dayna Edwards, DVM
    • All breeds
    • Call Aj 303-674-4590 for appointments


  • Microchip/Heartworm/Vaccination Clinic

(from 10:00 – 3:00)

    • Dr. Dayna Edwards, DVM
    • Microchips – Heartworm - Vaccinations
    • Call Lynn 720-937-9246 for appointments
  • Nail Cutting/Grinding with foot hair trims

(from 10:00 – 3:00)

    • Professional groomer/member Betty Strohmeier

Sunday, March 18th at
Blue Springs n Katydid Training Center,
2980 W. Oxford Ave., Sheridan, CO 80110; 303-781-9027         

Dental Clinic to be Added
This year, for the first time, we will be offering anesthesia free dental cleaning.  This is an exciting new addition to our medical clinic.  The times will be offered to the general public so, if you are interested, please call
Lynn (720-937-9246) to sign up for a time.  Each appointment takes approximately 30 minutes and is performed by a Vet Tech with a regular Veterinarian present.  The cost to the public is $165, with $25 going to Rescue. 

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