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Agility with your Corgi

If you’ve ever watched an agility competition on TV, you’ve undoubtedly seen one or more PWCs racing around the course.  Corgis are well represented in agility and are adapted to making the tight turns and weaves with ease.  And, they love it and do quite well!  So, if you haven’t tried agility, go to your local training center and sign up for classes.

Agility titles are:

  • AX Agility Excellent
  • MACH Master Agility Champion
  • MX Master Agility
  • NA Novice Agility
  • OA Open Agility

You also can help the PWCCR with the purchase of
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"I'm a little Corgi short and stout,
I'm as fast as lightening there is no doubt
No other dog can catch me when you take off the lead
A-frame, jump and teeter -all at top speed!"

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